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How do I choose my music?

You can choose the music for your function by browsing through our song list and selecting the songs that you would like to be played.  If there are songs that you would like played that are not on our list please notify us and we will source them for you.

Please also feel welcome to notify us of any songs that you DO NOT want played throughout the night.

Alternatively you can leave it up to the DJ who will use his experience to read the crowd and play songs that are best suited to the occasion.


When will my DJ set up?

We will arrive approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour before the start of your event so that the set up and load in will not affect any of your guests.

Set up and load in will take us no longer than 30 minutes.  If you require set up to be completed at a different time throughout the day we are very flexible.


Will my DJ take requests?

We always endeavour to try and play music that will keep everyone happy.  If a request comes directly from you the client we will play it whenever you like no questions asked. 

If a request comes from a guest and we feel that it is in context with the style of music that is working at your function we will more than likely play it.

If a request comes from a guest that we feel is out of context with the music that is working at your function, we would usually politely explain that we don’t feel that it is an appropriate song to play. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further clarification on this.


How will the DJ dress for my event?

Our DJs dress smartly at all times but obviously the nature of the function will determine how formally or informally your DJ will be dressed.

For example If it is a wedding we would arrive in a dress shirt, dress shoes and slacks. If it was a less formal event such as a sporting club function or a 21st birthday party we would arrive in smart casual attire.

If there is a certain dress code that you would like your DJ to dress to please inform us prior to your function.


Will there be a microphone present for speeches?

Yes, all of our DJs come with a quality wireless microphone which available for use at any time throughout the night.


When do I pay the DJ?

Payment would be appreciated at the beginning of the night.


Can I bring my own USB to be played?

Yes, we encourage you to bring any music that you may want played at certain times throughout the evening.


What if we want the DJ to play for a bit longer than we booked for?

If you do not notify us prior to the event we leave this is up to the DJ on the night. Usually it is not problem.


Can my DJ act as an MC on the night?

Your DJ is able to make brief announcements on the night to help the night run as smoothly as possible. Please keep in mind that your DJ has to be behind his equipment for the night so if you require a professional MC please speak to us before hand and we can make arrangements.

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